Nokia Digital Health
music composition

Bamm Bamm Wolfgang provided original Music for Nokia’s Heath Mate App promo reels…

Red Room Poetry – “Poetry Object”
music composition, sound design

Bamm Bamm Wolfgang provided Sound Design and Music in a collaboration with Kapwa Studioworks for Red Room Poetry.

The Teleporter Adventures
music composition, sound design

In an out of this world collaboration with M&C Saatchi, Bamm Bamm Wolfgang provided the Music and Sound Design for a first of it’s kind Storybook and VR app, launched by CommBank.

Crystal Cities – Who’s Gonna Save Us Now
Mixed, Produced, Recorded

Crystal Cities is an empyrean vision, a glimpse into the future… Adam Alexander worked with the band on their latest single and debut EP!

BABY ROXERS – The Lullaby Hits! (Vol.1)
Concept, Music Production

The ultimate passion project & our first release as a label!

Meet the world’s newest (and cutest) lullaby heroes, Baby Jane & Baby Cooper as they present a special collection of ROXETTE songs, reimagined as dreamy instrumentals for the next generation of magic friends.

“Know Your Rights” Campaign
Mix, Music Editing, Music Supervision, sound design

A series of videos educating youth about their rights within the NSW Family & Community Services care system.

TED Ed: What Is Power?
music composition, sound design

After the beautiful, incredibly well received “The Science of Stage Fright”, KAPWA Studioworks has just launched it’s latest TED Ed animation: “What Is Power?”

TED Ed: The Science of Stage Fright
music composition, sound design

In this lesson for TEDed, Mikael Cho explains the underlying physiological and evolutionary causes of Stage Fright…
And how, with a little help from our friends – we might just overcome it!

Lisa Caruso – “I Will Be”
Music Production, Sound Mix

Sydney songwriter Lisa Caruso has released an official video for I Will Be

BBW Ident Series: For KIDS!
music composition

The latest instalment of the BBW Ident Series…

“BBW For Kids” is our musical tip of the hat to all that has inspired and excited the imagination of our youth, and continues to sustain the child within!

BBW Ident Series: Sports
music composition

The next instalment of the BBW Ident Series… Sports!

It’s game time!

BBW Ident Series: SCI-FI
sound design

The first of the BBW Ident Series has arrived…
A Sci-Fi inspired soundscape designed by Marco Velasco

Brand Video
music composition, sound design

An animated piece promoting the colourful spirit of the QBO lifestyle brand…

music composition

“Arcadia” is the 1st of a 2 part promo for Sail Ningaloo.

Explore the spectacular Ningaloo Reef, one of the last remaining pristine coral reef systems on planet Earth.

Expect Anything
music composition

“Expect Anything” – promo for Sail Ningaloo.

Explore the spectacular Ningaloo Reef, one of the last remaining pristine coral reef systems on planet Earth.